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The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) is one of the leading Peacekeeping Training Centres in the West Africa sub region and in Africa. The Centre is known for its contribution in training both military and civilians to ensure a peaceful coexistence between governments and civilians.


The Challenge

KAIPTC offers a wide range of conflict resolution courses across all sectors which is geared towards to equip the various stakeholders involved in ensuring nation building and wanted to broaden its online presence to a wider audience. KAIPTC finds itself in a competitive environment with other Peacekeeping Training Centres in Africa to market its training courses thus the call on us to come to their aid. The institution’s web presence had historically been an informational, brochure-style website. It was informative, but not enough was being done – both on the site and through marketing – to convert eager leads or nurture those still interested in the activities of the Centre.

KAIPTC engaged PixDev to transform their site into a lead-generating destination that reflected their stakeholder’s commitments and helped grow opportunities into new business. To back that up, our team employed strategic approach to capture the attention of all of the Centre’s stakeholders when it came to the redesigning of the website.


The Approach

Spearheading KAIPTC’s transformation encapsulated an in-depth strategy, which laid out our website and marketing roadmap. Informed by competitor and landscape analysis, these together led to the bedrock for creating an informative, engaging and interactive website to serve the interest of its stakeholders.

User-Minded Website

Our team took a close look at the UX of the KAIPTC website, identifying what the site was doing right and where it could be further optimized. With these insights, our team re-envisioned the site as a sleek and purpose-built brand HQ designed for lead generation. To further bolster SEO and marketing efforts, even richer content was deployed across the website, while new contact forms offered easy in-roads for potential stakeholders to interact with the Centre.

Online Media Power

KAIPTC was eager to step up their online marketing game and start bringing in new leads by creating a connection between its social media platforms namely Faacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. In collaboration with our creative and strategic teams, our social media specialists developed very easy digital strategies the Centre can implement in order to optimize its online transformation journey.

Content that Sells

The old KAIPTC site was heavy on content – nearly to a fault. Our team recognized the need to inform leads but also knew KAIPTC was risking information overload. To solve for this, our copywriters developed new content that greatly condensed those need-to-know bits of information, making it easier for leads to find critical details about KAIPTC.

Of course, not everyone is always in the market for a substation or transformer, and those looking to buy might still take their time before choosing one to invest in. Knowing this, our team developed a Substation Planning whitepaper to keep the conversation going after the initial engagement – and throughout the entire KAIPTC journey.


Success Journey

KAIPTC now has a very interactive and informative website that reflects its industry-leading status as one of the leading Peacekeeping Training Centres in West Africa and Africa and delivers the caliber of content you’d expect from a sector leader. This transformation has worked in tandem with our team’s expertise, resulting in significant boosts to total conversions in enrolment to its training courses and visibility online.

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