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KEK Insurance Brokers is a multinational insurance brokerage firm with subsidiaries in different parts of Africa including Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.


The Challenge

KEK Insurance was looking to reach their target market and carve a unique niche in the insurance industry by driving internet traffic to their website. They understood the implications of building an effective online presence but couldn’t see the wood for the trees when it came to making a defining statement about their brand on their web pages.

When they approached us, they wanted a website that wasn’t only informative but was also indicative of what they represented as a brand. In other words, they wanted their website to communicate a specific perception in the minds of their target market while providing enough information about who they were and the services that they had to offer.


The Approach

We had one goal in mind: to build a minimalistic, but brand-centered website that captured the very essence of what KEK Insurance represented in the minds of their target customers.

For most organizations, a website should only have to give enough information about offered services without any particular attention to using the website as a channel for making a branding statement.

Based on KEK Insurance’s requirements, we were aware that we needed to build a simple yet brand-centered website that could drive traffic and convert leads into loyal customers. We therefore had to simplify the website’s look and user interface by focusing on the most necessary tabs, menus and content that were very relevant to the user.

Leveraging On Quality Content

Prospective clients who visit the KEK website will be looking for the most relevant information pertaining to their most pressing needs. It was important to put out content that was simple and straight to the point and yet rich in enough information for customers to make the decisions about partnering with KEK insurance. We leveraged on simple content creation techniques by prioritizing readability and simplicity in the final delivery of all content that was created for the website.


Success Journey

KEK Insurance now has a visually appealing and uncluttered website that defines who they are as a brand and provides necessary information for users who visit the site. Customers are now armed with enough information before they decide to contact KEK as their preferred insurance brokers. Even more important, the website gives users the opportunity to engage with the KEK brand on a more personal level by linking the web page to KEK’s social media platforms.

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