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Docutech Ghana Limited is one of the fast-growing technological business solutions-oriented companies in Ghana. The company’s partnership with top technological companies in the world makes it a very competitive candidate in the technological industry in Ghana.


The Challenge

Docutech Ghana offers a wide range of products and services through its partnership with world class technological companies all over the world. In view of this, they needed to use online marketing to reach the Ghanaian market to introduce products and services to small to large businesses in Ghana. To achieve they first needed to have a very informative website that communicates effectively their products and services because their previous website provided scanty information to reach prospective clients.

Docutech Ghana engaged PixDev to transform their site into an interactive one that reflected their partners business core values and helped grow its online presence.


The Approach

Transforming the Docutech Ghana website to suit its online presence apar with that of its partners was a digital journey we would want to relive again. Our approach was to quickly introduce the new trends of online marketing strategies by fusing an e-commerce website feature to a standard website interface in order to suit its target audience by making it very easy for them to get on the go information about Docutech Ghana Limited’s products and services.

User-Minded Website

Our team developed a very user-friendly mobile optimized website to meet the day to day online users in order to access products and services offered by Docutech Ghana.

Online Media Power

Docutech Ghana had never experienced how impactful online media had on its business performance so in 2019 we introduced them to the use of social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube to aid in their digital journey and also help in their SEO optimization on Google.

Content that Sells

The old Docutech website was very scanty on content which made access to very important information very difficult. Our team recognized the need to make all relevant information the online user had to know very accessible at a glance on the website to make it very easy for prospective clients to know what exactly Docutech Ghana had to offer them. We went a step further to link directly the assigned personnel of a particular department to a prospective client with just a button.


Success Journey

Docutech Ghana is now visible in the Ghanaian business world through its investment in online marketing since 2019.

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