Blue Giant Energy Drink



Budget Cash and Carry Limited has been one of Ghana’s leading distributors of non-alcoholic beverages for over a decade. The company is a household name for being the authorized distributors of Blue Jeans Energy Drink and other non- alcoholic beverages.


The Challenge

Budget Cash and Carry wanted to introduce its own flagship energy drink into the Ghanaian Market. Task was to develop the brand image for Blue Giant Energy Drink, a sports drink containing the bodybuilding supplement BCAA - Branched Chained Amino Acids.

The Approach

This task involved a lot of concept creation since the client wanted the ENERY DRINK to stand out from the other energy drinks on the market. Our approach was not to make the new energy brand not only a household name locally but to have a foreign appeal as well. Thus, our creative approach underwent a lot of review in the development of the new ENERGY DRINK brand.

The new energy was going to have two different variants caffeinated and non-caffeinated. Having this in mind, thus the “uniqueness” of the two variants of the energy drink, this informed the name “BLUE GIANT ENERGY DRINK.

After developing the BLUE GIANT ENERGY DRINK brand, another challenge was to introduce it to the Ghanaian Market. This was a difficult task since the Ghanaian Market was flooded with a lot of Energy Drink brands. In order to penetrate into the Ghanaian Market, we had to create a unique market niche for the brand. To achieve this, we resorted to digital marketing to aid us to communicate the unique attributes of the brand.